About Us

We assist CEOs, Nonprofits, & Real Estate Investors increase their cashflow by 50% legally with accounting, tax strategies & grant funding services. 

We are Laine & Vince Bradley Jr., owners of Vraiment Financial. We have coached business owners and investors in our communities on the importance of financial literacy wealth to build and obtain their family legacy. As educators, we have currently helped over 200 people restore their finances and credit through social media, as well as helped business owners and entrepreneurs receive SBA funding, while getting their books and expenses in order, and saving thousands of dollars on their taxes.

We serve the Raleigh, Chapel Hill and Durham areas of North Carolina, as well as other cities outside of North Carolina virtually. Our process is very seamless and we will work with you through everything from the comfort of your own home!

Dalaine Bradley Founder
Vince Bradley Jr. Owner
Darlesha P. Executive Assistant